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Vedic astrology usually employs two different systems of house determination. First, it has a special chart, called the "Bhava Chakra" or "House chart", which specifically measures the houses. It can be done in two ways. It can consider the houses according to the Midheaven. Or it can just consider them from the

Ascendant as an equal house system. It most resembles the house systems commonly used in Western astrology and has the same general variations. Second, it considers the houses in the "Rashi Chakra" or "Sign chart". This we find to be more commonly used. In this chart it is not just an equal house system is used, it is an "equal sign" system.

In it, for example, if some degree of Taurus is the first house, then Gemini will be the second house, Cancer the third and so on. This is true even if it is 1 degree of a sign or 29 degrees. This is the most simple and general method of house determination, wherein primacy is given to the signs over the houses.

Houses are determined generally according to the Rashi Chakra and then specifically according to the Bhava Chakra. The Bhava Chakra is thus another chart. In it the position of the houses are given, not the signs, though sometimes the exact sign positions of the cusps are placed in or by the chart, as well as the points in which the house begins and ends.

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