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Astrological charts can be done for any important moment, event or decision in life, not just the moment of birth. They can be done for marriages or for the moment of death. They can be done for the initiation of businesses, for moves, for charting the course of anything. The branch of astrology that deals with such things is called "Horary Astrology" and the chart so done is called a "Horary Chart".

Astrologers may do a chart for a client based upon the moment they see them. This is helpful for predicting various aspects of the client's life, particularly the important issues they need to deal with in the reading.

Generally for horary astrology, the client comes with a particular question, like how their health will proceed. The moment they put the question to the astrologer becomes the time for erecting the chart. It is then interpreted for finding out how this issue will develop. At any moment a chart can be drawn and this will plot the course of events decided at that moment. Nothing in life is without meaning or is entirely coincidental. Each event follows cosmic law and can be interpreted according to prevailing planetary positions. With computers to calculate charts, it becomes relatively easy to examine charts for a variety of conditions in life. It is helpful to do such charts for important moments in our lives.

In this regard, the astrologer may be called upon to judge the course of events that began at a particular time. Or he may be called upon to choose an auspicious time for beginning a particular enterprize. The astrologer aids in attunement to cosmic law and helps thereby for human affairs to flourish in harmony with it.

In judging marriages, for example, a Horary chart for the time of marriage may be as important as comparing the birth charts of the couple. Charts done for the moment of death of a person will usually give indications of their next life. Charts done for the time of accidents or the onset of serious illnesses are helpful in prognosis.

Horary charts are interpreted similarly to birth charts, yet the issue has to be interpreted rather than a person. If it is a marriage issue, for example, the factors of marriage, the seventh, its lord and significator, becomes most important. If it is a business issue, say something of the stock market, we will look to the fifth, ninth and eleventh houses. While this book focuses on the birth chart and its ramifications, the same principles can be applied to the Horary Chart. Even the planetary periods can be used to trace the development through time of a particular issue.

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