Hemming In Of Planets

If the Moon is in Libra, with Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Virgo, then it has malefic planets around it in both adjacent sides. In this instance it is said to be "hemmed in by malefics". While this is not technically an aspect, it does have a strong affect like a major aspect. The Moon will be strongly under the influence of these two planets and weakened by their malefic nature. If the planets involved are Jupiter and Venus, then the Moon would be "hemmed in between benefics", which would thereby protect it and strengthen it. (Of course, for more accuracy, we must consider the full nature of planets, not just their natural status as benefic or malefic, but this is just an example). Such formations must be considered in determining planetary influences and they may constitute various planetary yogas.

A similar construction may be made by planetary aspects. If the Moon is in Libra, while Scorpio and Virgo are under the full aspect of malefic planets only without other influences, then the Moon also is hemmed in between malefic influences. This kind of condition as it is not as direct, is not as strong. Planets hemmed in by malefics or by malefic influences can counter this to a great extent by receiving a full aspect of a benefic. The reverse is true of planets hemmed in by benefics or by benefic influences.

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