Fixed Types

Fixed signs show static, stable, neutral, formal or enduring phase of their respective element. Fixed quality corresponds generally with to Tamas; it is the condition of form or substance, gives continuity and consistency, but may cause inertia, resistance and stagnation.

Fixed types are firm, stable and determined in who they are and what they do. They like to continue, preserve and uphold things. They are quite settled in themselves and often unwilling to modify their opinions or to question themselves. Their characters are firm, hard and can be unyielding. They are consistent, have strong faith and not waver in their beliefs. They can be like a rock which is not moved by things. They can be obstinate, fixated and incapable of accepting or even acknowledging any other point of view than their own. They may be conservative or traditional or at least may not see the possibility of another way of doing things. They are often possessive and may accumulate much in life, finding it difficult to let go. When highly evolved, they are souls who hold to the truth and have great faith. When less evolved, they may be insensitive, attached or resistant. They change slowly but what they alter will endure. They can be emotional, sentimental or have a strong feeling nature. Sometimes they are thoughtful but go more deeply into the ideas they already have, rather than develop new ones. As souls they are usually maintaining a phase of manifestation.

Fixed types need to develop more initiative, attempt more new things, particularly new ways of looking at things. At the same time they need to be more sensitive, adaptable and open. They must make certain that what they are holding to is the truth and not just some pattern of negativity, emotionality or selfishness.

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