Fire Signs

Fire signs show strong will, ambition, determination, discrimination, perception and a critical mind. People with fiery planets often seek power and a display of force and drama. Their focus is more on the self and character than upon the interchange with others. They like to be popular but to dominate, not to be on the same level with others as it usually is with water signs. They show that our main field of activity in life is in the realm of the will. We need to be certain of our motivation and the nature of the self we are projecting. Fire signs give us the need to develop real independence, clarity and understanding, not just to shine over or rule over others.

On the higher level, they give independence and insight, strong judgement and high values. Fire types, those with strong planets in fire signs, are able to penetrate into things and understand the underlying energy, motivation or force behind them. Fire signs give leadership, the capacity to make alliances, the ability to project warmth, light and beneficence. On the lower level, they may make us destructive. Our will may clash with those of others and bring us into argument and conflict. They may cause us to be vain, proud or self-promoting. Well-placed planets in fire signs give illumination, freedom and enlightenment. They show the soul coming forth in its manifestation. Wrongly placed planets in fire signs can be burnt up and show the will in turmoil and complication.

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