Earth Signs

Strong planets in earth signs show a strong sense of form, order, utility, practicality and seek material manifestation or expression. They usually show a strong connection to or much work to do with the Earth, the body or physical matter. For example, we can find them in such diverse professions as gardeners, doctors, bankers or farmers, all who deal with something tangible in the material world. They may show work with the hands, a strong sense of form or work with the practical, informational or earthly side of the mind. They keep us in the realm of the senses and require that we use our senses in a clear manner. They demand that we develop mastery of the body. They can have a certain gravity to them or weigh us down.

On the higher level, they can give us the capacity to realize our inner potentials in the material world, to see things as they are. Here we find them in the charts of old souls, those who have much connection with traditional cultures (like India or Mexico) and who may be completing their cycle of evolution. Those who follow Earth or nature religions, like Taoism, or the American Indian path, may be of this type. On a lower level, they may tie us to the world or the body and place a shadow over us, even draw us into the underworld. Many souls just coming into this world, or up from the animal kingdom can be dominated by such coarser earth influences.

Well-placed planets in earth signs give practical efficiency, physical purity and the capacity for work. Poorly placed planets in earth signs constrict and block us and keep us tied to the harsher side of life.

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Healing Spiritual Techniques

Healing Spiritual Techniques

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