Dual House Rulership

Planets rule two houses, except for the Sun and the Moon, which rule one house each (they are sometimes regarded as a single planet in terms of house rulership). For this reason the temporal status of planets has to be interpreted according to the meaning of both the houses the planet rules. Planets thereby often rule both a benefic and a malefic house. In this way their influence becomes mixed. It will be good for the effects of the positive house it rules, but bad for the effects of its negative house. The planets in this way reflect the ambiguity inherent within the Ascendant and within life itself. Saturn for Virgo ascendant rules houses 5 and 6. As the ruler of the fifth house it will be good for children, creativity, intelligence and gains through speculation. As ruler of the sixth it may give bad effects in terms of health or enmity. This reflects the nature of the Virgo ascendant, which is on one hand disciplined in its action but tends towards disease through too much sensitivity.

When a planet rules two houses, one benefic and one malefic, the house that is stronger or more important determines whether the overall effects of the planet are primarily helpful or harmful. Rulership of certain houses outweighs rulership of others.

The ruler of the Ascendant is always generally auspicious even if the other house the planet rules is the sixth or eighth or other malefic houses. Yet this malefic rulership does taint its status.

The ruler of the twelfth house generally gives the effect of the other house the planet rules. Venus as the ruler of houses 5 and 12 for Gemini ascendant is very auspicious and gives mainly the results of the fifth house. The negative effect of twelfth house rulership is most evident if the other house a planet rules is malefic. Saturn as ruler of houses 11 and 12 for Pisces ascendant is very inauspicious because the eleventh is a difficult house.

In this regard we must consider the Mulatrikona sign of the particular planet. Planets give predominantly the effect of the house ruled by their Mulatrikona sign. Saturn rules houses 8 and 9, the worst and best houses, for Gemini ascendant. Yet as Saturn's Mulatrikona sign Aquarius rules the ninth house, its effects will be on the whole more positive than negative. For Virgo ascendant Saturn is less auspicious, as its Mulatrikona sign governs the malefic sixth house.

Another important factor is the natural friendship or enmity of a particular planet with the lord of the Ascendant. Saturn, though it rules malefic houses from Mercury ascendants (Gemini and Virgo) as a natural friend of Mercury tends to give better results than might otherwise be expected. If such a house lord is a temporal as well as natural friend of the planet, the effects of malefic lordship will be further reduced.

Also important is which sign is stronger in terms of aspect or occupancy. If Saturn is in Capricorn in a Virgo Ascendant, its fifth house influence will become more important than his sixth house affect.

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