Diseasecausing Planets

Malefic planets, either natural or temporal, promote disease. Natural malefics are Rahu, Saturn, Ketu, Mars and the Sun; in order of their power to cause disease. Temporal malefics are the lords of the sixth, eighth, eleventh, third and twelfth houses; again in order of their disease causing powers. Planets when weak also cause disease or become the sites of disease, benefics as well as malefics.

Planets cause disease by occupying malefic houses. These are the eighth, sixth, twelfth, third and eleventh; in order of their power. Planets in the first three of these houses are particularly strong in this regard.

Malefics, however, are strong in the sixth house. Yet their strength is mainly in terms of power, prestige and wealth. They can still cause disease, particularly if under negative aspects.

In regard to house location, the strength of a planet as to sign and planetary relationships should be considered. The Moon in the sixth in Cancer would give good health but in Scorpio would be more likely to cause problems like hyperacidity (Pitta disorders). The Moon in Cancer in the sixth, weak in brightness and aspected by Saturn and Rahu, would doubly cause disease, as both the sixth and its ruler would be strongly afflicted.

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