Determination Of Favorable Times

Once we have come upon a time period when the Major, Minor, and Subminor are favorable, we should then look for a day when the Moon and the lord of the day are favorable. Finally, we should examine a time on that day when the Ascendant and Navamsha ascendant are favorable, then we will have a most excellent time for a particular venture. Lastly, we should pick a favorable hourly lord, if possible.

The nature of this venture, starting a business, a marriage, spiritual initiation or whatever, will determine the nature of the factors we give emphasis to. For spiritual initiation, we would consider the ninth house, its lord, Jupiter and the Atmakaraka as most important.

For partnership we would have to examine the charts of both individuals and find a day good in both of their charts. Naturally, this may involve some compromise. We would aim at finding the best possible day with the required period, a month, several months or whatever the venture requires. The use of Planetary periods is not only for determining the nature of the influences operative at their specific times but also for determining within them favorable times for different actions. This does not mean that we have to live by astrology, using the ephemeris or examining the birth chart every day or week. A monthly examination, however, is helpful and a yearly examination is a good thing for most of us to follow. The purpose is not to make us slaves to time and the planets but to increase our perception of the forces at work in our lives. It is mainly for important decisions and changes that we should consult our planets. Planetary periods can also be used to determine good times to do rituals (like pujas or homas).

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