Planets in close conjunction with the Sun become combust or burnt up. They can be weakened and may be rendered powerless.

For Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the orb of conjunction of combust is 8 degrees 30 minutes. For the Moon, a larger planet, it is 15 degrees. For the inner planets it is less, 4 degrees for Venus and 2 degrees for Mercury.

However, if a planet is in a favorable sign or house the effects of combust can be greatly mitigated. Planets in the same sign with the Sun are still counted as in full relationship with it (sambandha), even when not combust. Their affect is often better because of this.

Generally speaking, all planets function better if located some distance from the Sun. This is particularly true of the Moon, Mercury and Venus, which are subject to waxing and waning phases. Just as the Moon is strongest when full and becomes weaker as it approaches the Sun, so are Mercury and Venus strongest when at maximum distance from the Sun and become weaker as they approach it. To a certain extent, this is also true of the other planets. The logic behind combust is that when in proximity to the Sun, the rays of planets are overcome by the power of the solar light. So conjunction with the Sun must be generally regarded as a negative for the energy of any planet.

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