Cardinal Types

Cardinal signs show the positive, active, dynamic, initial or guiding phase of their respective element. Cardinal quality corresponds generally with the quality of Rajas; it is the principle of movement, gives impulse, direction and expression but may cause disturbance, agitation and too forceful or too frequent action.

Cardinal types, those individuals who have planets predominately in cardinal signs, are people of action. They are positive, expressive, outgoing, and have a high sense of achievement and accomplishment. They are willful, aggressive, impulsive, dynamic and often become successful or leaders. Most high achievers or executive types are of this quality. While they can accomplish a great deal and often get what they want, they may be lacking in sensitivity or unable to reflect upon themselves or their goals properly. They may impose themselves on others or harm others along the way, or, at least, may not be sensitive to the feelings of others. They can overextend themselves or burn themselves out through excess activity, movement and stimulation. As souls they may be beginning a new phase of manifestation.

Modern culture likes this type. They have self-confidence, seek advancement and direct their energy towards their goals in a powerful way. Many of our leaders, bosses and entertainers are of this type. Cardinal types need to cultivate more sensitivity, doubt, hesitation, introversion and develop more consistency and stability. They need to make sure that what they are directing their energy towards reflects their deepest will and aspiration and not get caught in action for its own sake. If they do this their capacity for inner development in life can also be very high.

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