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These natural dispositions of planets as benefic or malefic generally agree with that of traditional Western astrology. The most notable difference is that of the Sun, which Western astrology usually views as a benefic. Sometimes in Vedic astrology it can be the most malefic of the planets.

The Sun as a very powerful and hot planet does have a destructive effect, as its desiccating effect in nature. It tends to limit or destroy the affairs of the house wherein it is located or which it aspects.

The Sun in the fifth house does tend to deny children or create difficulties with them. In the seventh house it can give separation or delays in relationship, partnership and other seventh house considerations. Even Western astrology recognizes such affects. It is similarly well-known that planets too close to the Sun, what is called in "combust", do not usually give good results. The Moon also loses her strength becomes weak the closer she gets to the Sun. So the negative effects of the Sun's influence are well known.

However, the Sun in Vedic astrology is also regarded as a Sattvic or spiritual planet. This is quite different than the other malefics which are Tamasic, gross or unspiritual, in quality. Hence in this sense of quality, the Sun is a good planet and gives high values like self-esteem, integrity and independence. One such action which is spiritually beneficially but materially malefic, it can help separate us from material abundance and worldly happiness and cause to seek self-knowledge. Much of the western sense of the Sun as a benefic can be understood in the eastern sense of the Sun as a spiritual or Sattvic planet.

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