Background Transits

We should consider current transits of planets relative to planetary periods. The transits of the strongest planet or lord of the ascendant in the birth chart are always important. We take special notice of the transits of the planet ruling the period, particularly the Major and Minor lords. We also note transits of planets to the period lords. These transits have about 1/3 value in judging the effects of the periods. The rest is determined by the positions and relations between these planets in the birth chart. Strong transits are of particular importance when they occur at the juncture between planetary periods.

For Minor planetary periods we note especially transits of the distant planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as well as the lunar nodes, as these often have an effect for a period up to one year.

For Subminor periods we examine more the transits of the closer planets, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, as their influence tends to dispense itself during this lesser period.

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