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In Western astrology aspects are considered only between planets or from planets to special points like the ascendant or midheaven, sometimes the descendant and nadir. In the Vedic system, planets aspect houses as well, even if there are no planets located in them. They do this if they aspect the sign on the cusp of the particular house. Their aspect on houses can improve or detract from the affairs of that house, depending upon the nature of the planet. The main rule in chart judgement is to examine an issue according to the house that relates to it, the ruler of the house, and the house significator, not only from the ascendant but also from the Moon. Aspects to all these factors are considered.

For spirituality or religion, for example, we consider the influences on the ninth house, its lord and Jupiter, and also the ninth from the Moon. In this regard we do not just consider the aspects between planets but the entire network of aspectual affects on the all the factors in the chart that relate to a particular issue in life. Hence Vedic astrology may consider these aspects upon houses as more significant for judgement than the aspects between the planets themselves. Afflictions to the fifth sign, house, their rulers and significators may stand out more in a chart, for example, than afflictions to a planet like the Sun (which, however, is also considered).

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