Aspects Only Thrown Forward In The Zodiac

Vedic astrology regards the influence of planets in aspects as only thrown forwards in the zodiac, whereas Western astrology usually sees an aspect as coming from both planets. Whereas Western astrology considers a square to exist between one planet and another in an angle of 90 degrees, whether in front or behind it in the zodiac, the Vedic system would only, for example, consider the square of Mars to be thrown on planets 90 degrees in front of it in the zodiac, not to those planets a similar number of degrees behind it. The Vedic system calculates aspects by degrees from a planet forward in its zodiacal position. If Saturn is at 3 degrees Gemini and Mars at 3 degrees Pisces,

Saturn would have an aspect degree of 270 to Mars and Mars 90 to Saturn. Hence in calculating aspects in the Vedic chart it must be done forwards in the zodiac.

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