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Western astrology carefully considers the exact degrees between planets in its calculation of aspects. It has major aspects like the square or trine, 90 or 120 degree aspects, and minor aspects, like the semi-sextile, 30 degrees. These aspects are counted as effective if the planets are within a certain number of degrees or orb of each aspect (for major aspects orbs are around 8 degrees, for minor aspects 1-- 3 degrees). Aspects are considered to exist equally whether a planet is before or behind another planet in the zodiac. Both planets are considered to be affecting each other. Many western astrologers have gone into great detail and minute accuracy with these different aspects and it is a major consideration in the system, if not the most important. Western astrology ascribes a different nature to the different aspects. Some aspects tend to be malefic or difficult (like the square); others tend to be benefic or easy (like the trine), whatever the planets involved.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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