Aspects For Uranus Neptune And Pluto

As Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not part of the regular Vedic system, no judgement of aspects for them exists. We can ignore them altogether but it can be helpful to use them. To use them we must consider that they possess the same major aspects as all planets. This is the seventh aspect or opposition, to which the conjunction can be added as a full planetary interchange. However, we might want to count these by degrees, rather than signs, with an orb of 10 degrees or less, as their affect as distant planets may not be that strong (which is what I often have done).

I cannot say whether they should have special aspects and do not usually give them such. In one respect, we might consider that they should, because the other planets outside the Earth's orbit are given them. But, in another respect, we may not think so, as they may be too distant to have such a strong affect. One could give them special aspects like the planets they resemble; Uranus like Saturn (third and tenth), Neptune like Jupiter (fifth and ninth) and Pluto like Mars (fourth and eighth). Or one could give them all aspects like the lunar nodes (fifth and ninth), which they also resemble. However, giving them special aspects would allow them great power in the chart and may unbalance, rather than fine tune, the general interpretation of Vedic astrology, unless their aspects are considered minor.

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