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From the standpoint of Western astrology, the aspects of Vedic astrology appear general and non-specific. A few major aspects by sign appears as very limited compared to a diversity of aspect by degree and with different qualities. Such a Western astrologer may wonder how Vedic astrology can be accurate with such limited use of aspects.

It must be recognized that the Vedic system does not use aspects in the birth chart in such a primary way as Western astrology. In this regard Western astrology may be more developed and precise and it may be helpful to consider the western view of aspects in the Vedic chart. In fact, it may be this specialization on aspects that is the most important factor in the accuracy of

Western astrology. Western sidereal astrology follows the same aspects as western tropical astrology and may be used as a model in this respect. Yet we must not overlook that Vedic astrology judges aspects also in its series of minor or harmonic charts. This allows for many subtler type aspects and a finer analysis of exact degree relationships between planets. Western astrology may find twenty or more major aspects existing between the planets in the birth chart, and several dozen minor ones. Vedic astrology may only note perhaps ten major aspects between planets in most charts, but these are multiplied by up to sixteen harmonic charts.

Vedic astrology judges planetary relationships by a more extensive system of which aspects are only one part. These are based largely on planetary location, like the series of planetary relationships of friendship and enmity we have already examined, as according to other special planetary strengths and weaknesses (the factors of Shadbala). Of primary importance for it are special "yogas" or planetary combinations. These depend upon various factors including aspects, sign and house location and rulership. We will examine these in the later part of this chapter.

As such, taking the system of Vedic astrology as a whole, we find that it is very intricate, complex and precise, and includes many more calculations and considerations than Western astrology, though in some areas each system may be better developed than the other.

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