Aspects As Reflecting Planetary Nature

Vedic astrology does not ascribe any particular quality to different aspects. Aspects are distinguished only by their strength as major or minor. All aspects represent a relationship between planets. The nature of that relationship depends primarily upon the nature of the planets, not upon the type of the aspect. It does not regard oppositions or squares as being bad or difficult, or trines as being good or easy. It depends upon the planets involved. An opposition of a badly disposed Sun, say in its fall in Libra, may prove very difficult, but when well disposed, exalted in Aries, it may prove very beneficial. A square from Mars in Aries, its own sign, to Jupiter in Cancer, its sign of exaltation, can good, as both planets are well placed. Major or minor aspects change the strength of the relationship between planets but different aspects are not regarded as altering the quality of that relationship.

In the Vedic system all the information given on judging planetary nature is useful for determining the effects of aspects. An aspect from a great malefic like Saturn will tend be difficult whatever it is. An aspect from a great benefic like Jupiter will tend to be helpful whatever it may be. The detailed way of determining the status of planets by nature and house rulership provides a similarly detailed way of judging the qualities of aspects. Once we have ascertained the nature of a planet and its action in the different domains of life, its aspects will reflect that.

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