With your executive decision-making ability and general verve, you're a self-starter and an effective leader who likes to initiate change. Ambitious and competitive, you rise to a challenge. But you're a sprinter, not a long-distance runner. You love the unmistakable thrill that comes at the beginning of an undertaking, when creative momentum is high and the possibilities are wide open. You're delighted to experiment and innovate. But once things have settled into a routine and the endeavor becomes weighted down with procedures, precedents, and supervisors, your excitement wanes. You find it irritating and dispiriting to spend time focusing on details and loose ends or doing standard maintenance tasks. Not surprisingly, quitting too soon is one of your worst — and most frequent — mistakes.

You're happiest working on your own or being the boss, preferably in an enterprise that allows you to be in charge of your own schedule. Physical activity is a definite plus, as is the opportunity to participate in a variety of tasks. You're easily bored, and your need to express yourself is stronger than your need for security. Pie-in-the-sky careers for Aries include being a film director like Francis Ford Coppola, an action star (or motorcyclist) like Steve McQueen, a military leader like General Colin Powell, or a talk show host like David Letterman. Surgery is said to be an Aries profession, as is anything that involves fire (including cooking) and anything with a high risk quotient. Whatever your true vocation, it's not something you choose for money or prestige. Instead, you're drawn to it because it offers you a way to make an impact on the world — and at the same time to express your incomparable, amazing self.

Classic Arians i Marlon Brando, (Moon in Aries)

Booker T. Washington i Norah Jones, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Downey, Jr. (Moon in Taurus)

i Reba McIntyre, Leonard Nimoy, Harry Houdini (Moon in Gemini)

i Charles Baudelaire, Aretha Franklin, Robert Frost (Moon in Cancer)

i Joseph Campbell, Gloria Steinem (Moon in Leo)

i Emmylou Harris, (Moon in Virgo)

William Wordsworth i Rosie O'Donnell, Maya Angelou (Moon in Libra)

i Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, Francis Ford Coppola (Moon in Scorpio)

i Thomas Jefferson, Vincent Van Gogh (Moon in Sagittarius)

i Al Gore, Kate Hudson, David Letterman (Moon in Capricorn)

i Johann Sebastian Bach, Steve McQueen, Conan O'Brien (Moon in Aquarius)

i Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Moon in Pisces)

If you work for an Aries, your boss will most likely be assertive, enterprising, and impatient with anyone who can't keep up or who requires a lot of supervision. Your best move is to work independently — and don't take those angry outbursts personally.

Aries: The Basic Facts

Polarity: Positive Quality: Cardinal Element: Fire Symbol: The Ram Ruling Planet: Mars Opposite Sign: Libra

Favorable Colors: Red and white

Lucky Gem: Diamond

Part of the Body: The head

Metal: Iron

Key Phrase: I am

Major Traits: Energetic, impetuous

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