In Utopia, these are a few of the jobs that Pisces would happily hold: poet, artist, musician, clairvoyant, palm reader, sailor, filmmaker, actor, wine taster, spiritual healer, hypnotist, yoga teacher — and anything concerning tropical fish, the ocean, or ballet.

Given those career choices, you may expect Pisces to be a failure in the real world. But you'd be wrong. It turns out that Pisces is strangely adept at handling enormous sums of money. According to a 1995 study done by Forbes Magazine, more of the 400 richest Americans are Pisceans than any other sign. Why would that be? Well, you really do have a creative mind. It's not just a matter of coloring outside the lines; you have the ability to toss the book aside and design something completely original. Plus, unlike more realistic signs (Capricorn, for example), you dream big. If you can harness that vision to an old-fashioned work ethic, you can accomplish anything. If your job also benefits humanity, you'll be even happier. Pisces aspires to be of service, and you'll feel better about yourself if you are. That's why, besides the utopian trades in the previous paragraph, you may want to consider medicine, social work, philanthropy, education, environmentalism, cuisine, oceanography, and — yes — finance.

If you work with or for a Pisces, stay tuned — and I mean every minute. Any bad vibes you detect, Pisces notices too. Sympathetic and broad-minded, Pisceans support their staff and don't get stuck on minor points. But they're strivers, both more opportunistic and less secure than they may appear. If a Piscean senses dissension in the ranks or anything less than total loyalty, you'll be fish food.

Pisces: The Basic Facts

Polarity: Negative Favorable Colors: Sea green and lavender

Quality: Mutable Lucky Gem: Aquamarine

Element: Water Parts of the Body: Feet and immune system

Symbol: The Fish Metal: Platinum

Ruling Planet: Neptune Key Phrase: I believe

Opposite Sign: Virgo Major Traits: Sensitive, escapist

Classic Pisceans

I Eva Longoria, Galileo Galilei (Moon in Aries) I Nat King Cole, Patty Hearst (Moon in Libra)

I Edgar Casey, Bobby Fischer (Moon in Taurus)

I Lee Radziwill, Benicio del Toro, W. H. Auden (Moon in Gemini)

I Kurt Cobain, Drew Barrymore (Moon in Cancer)

I Paula Zahn, Ralph Nader, Queen Latifah (Moon in Leo)

I Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jack Kerouac (Moon in Virgo)

I Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Cash (Moon in Scorpio)

I Albert Einstein, Sharon Stone (Moon in Sagittarius)

I Anais Nin, Philip Roth (Moon in Capricorn)

I Glenn Close, Carson McCullers (Moon in Aquarius)

I Michelangelo, Steve Jobs (Moon in Pisces)

Part III

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