Sagittarius is the sign of higher education, and the professions associated with the sign reflect that. Blessed with a love of learning and a yearning to do something that matters, you're well suited for teaching, publishing, journalism, law, religion, communications, and anything involving international relations or travel. You dislike bureaucracy and grow restless in a rigidly structured organization. Whatever you do, your intellect needs to be engaged. Versatile and quick, you're easily distracted and may accept a hodgepodge of assignments just to keep things interesting. Big projects and high ideals excite you. Bookkeeping doesn't. Financial management doesn't. Indeed, it's the small stuff that trips you up — and yet your professional success depends upon your ability to handle the details.

Learning to delegate is another one of your challenges. A natural egalitarian, you hate to request assistance and are uncomfortable asking others to perform the dull tasks you'd just as soon dodge yourself. Finally, you may face issues of time management. In a world full of fascinating distractions, it's essential to use your time to advantage. But you already know that.

If you work for a Sagittarian, your essential task is to keep the big picture in mind and make sure things are moving forward. If your work is generally on target, the Archer won't nitpick you to death. Sagittarius isn't a micromanager. On the other hand, if you need help with something specific, you may not get it. After all, you already received a rundown of the situation — right? And be prepared: Detail-averse Sagittarians don't object to working overtime. If you're a strict 9-to-5er, the Archer may question your commitment.

Classic Sagittarians i Mark Twain, Tyra Banks (Moon in Aries)

i Christina Aguilera, Lucy Liu, Jim Morrison, Diego Rivera (Moon in Taurus)

i Jeff Bridges, Edith Piaf, Tina Turner (Moon in Gemini)

i William Blake, Jimi Hendrix (Moon in Cancer)

i Winston Churchill, Katie Holmes (Moon in Leo)

i Frank Zappa, Samuel L. Jackson (Moon in Virgo)

i Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, Jay Z (Moon in Libra)

i Scarlett Johansson, Bruce Lee, Steven Spielberg (Moon in Scorpio)

i Ludwig von Beethoven, Joan Didion, Jon Stewart (Moon in Sagittarius)

i Brad Pitt, T. C. Boyle (Moon in Capricorn)

i Woody Allen, Britney Spears, Caroline Kennedy (Moon in Aquarius)

i Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra (Moon in Pisces)

Sagittarius: The Basic Facts

Polarity: Positive Quality: Mutable Element: Fire Symbol: The Centaur Ruling Planet: Jupiter Opposite Sign: Gemini

Favorable Colors: Purple and blue

Lucky Gem: Turquoise

Parts of the Body: Hips and thighs

Metal: Tin

Key Phrase: I see

Major Traits: Adventurous, independent

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