Versatile and cerebral, you have fine motor skills and are a wizard with words. Whether you're writing a roman a clef or building a Victorian bird-house, ideas readily come to you because you're stimulated by everything. Smart and buoyant, you pick things up so fast that you practically don't have a learning curve. But in work (as in love), you grow quickly bored. Jobs that require a lot of repetition, no matter how outwardly rewarding, are always a mistake for you. You require mental stimulation, plenty of opportunity to socialize, and a mixture of responsibilities. The best professions for you offer variety and take advantage of your ability to communicate. Classic Gemini careers include education, travel, writing, and anything connected with newspapers, magazines, radio, or TV. Blogging was made for you. Inventive and entrepreneurial, you're skilled at creating original business ventures. Even though the freelancer's life isn't for everyone, you bask in its variety and manage the challenges (no security, no predictability, and no schedule) with confidence. Just make sure you hire a sensible Taurus or a Capricorn to look after your finances. Handling money is not your strength.

Working with the Twins is a challenge because they're always prepared to change directions on a whim — and they expect everyone else to follow suit. If you're working with a Gemini, your only move at these times is to shift gears and pretend you aren't rattled. "But you told us last week . . ." carries no weight with a Gemini. Geminis value new ideas, flexibility, and rapid response. They don't care about consistency.

Gemini: The Basic Facts

Polarity: Positive Quality: Mutable Element: Air Symbol: The Twins Ruling Planet: Mercury Opposite Sign: Sagittarius

Favorable Color: Yellow Lucky Gem: Agate

Parts of the Body: Arms, shoulders, lungs

Metal: Mercury

Key Phrase: I think

Major Traits: Clever, superficial

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