Scorpio brings energy and ambition to the workplace, and your goals are generally of the highest order (though, for the record, I must acknowledge that Scorpios can also be adept as scam artists, drug dealers, and low-level thugs). Astute and insightful, you make a fantastic advocate for anyone in need. Plus, you're a fighter. You're also fascinated by power and money, which gives you the motivation to excel at business (think of Bill Gates) or politics (consider Hillary Clinton). Whatever field you find yourself in, trivialities don't interest you. Nor do you have to be center stage (unless, of course, you have a lot of Leo in your chart). But you do need to be involved in an enterprise that matters. Scientific research, surgery, various kinds of counseling, community organizing, investigative reporting, investment banking, politics, and various aspects of psychology all come to mind. As I noted earlier, detective and spy are two positions traditionally considered Scorpionic. But did I mention mortician? Magician? Obituary writer? Mystery writer? Guru? Poet? Greatest artist of the 20th century (Picasso)? The list goes on and on.

If you work with or for a Scorpio, you'll see what it means to be committed. Industrious, disciplined, and demanding, Scorpios know how to concentrate (unless, of course, they can't, in which case, you get to see the miserable, sulky Scorpio). Because they know how to keep a secret, you can trust Scorpios with yours. But they're also inscrutable. They nurture their accomplices — and demolish their enemies. If you have a Scorpio boss, do your best — and don't try any fancy stuff. She'll see it coming, and you'll pay for your presumption. No one, and I mean no one, wants to have a Scorpio for an enemy.

Scorpio: The Basic Facts

Polarity: Negative Quality: Fixed Element: Water Symbol: The Scorpion Ruling Planet: Pluto Opposite Sign: Taurus

Favorable Colors: Dark reds and black Lucky Gem: Opal

Part of the Body: Reproductive organs

Metal: Steel or iron

Key Phrase: I desire

Major Traits: Passionate, obsessive

Classic Scorpions

1 Bill Gates, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sally Field (Moon in Aries)

1 Demi Moore, Prince Charles (Moon in Taurus)

1 Bonnie Raitt, Goldie Hawn (Moon in Gemini)

1 Condoleezza Rice, Keith Urban (Moon in Cancer)

1 Julia Roberts, Kurt Vonnegut (Moon in Leo)

1 Jodie Foster, Sean Combs, Matthew McConaughey (Moon in Virgo)

1 Leonardo DiCaprio, Billie Jean King, Sylvia Plath (Moon in Libra)

1 k.d. lang, Bjork, Whoopi Goldberg (Moon in Scorpio)

1 Pablo Picasso, Larry King, Kelly Osbourne (Moon in Sagittarius)

1 George Eliot, Anne Tyler, Bernard-Henri Levy (Moon in Capricorn)

1 Calista Flockhart, Neil Young (Moon in Aquarius)

1 Hillary Rodham Clinton, Joni Mitchell (Moon in Pisces)

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