Because you adore the creature comforts and lack that manic hit that often characterizes high achievers, people may assume that you're lazy. They couldn't be more wrong. Though your ability to lounge around on weekends is without equal, you're diligent, productive, and organized when you want to be, with an inborn need to do something constructive. Security is essential to you, whether that means money in the bank, real estate, a first-rate pension plan, or all of the above. And yet, that's not where you live. At bottom, it's more important for you to believe in what you're doing and to find a modicum of creative expression. When you identify an area that satisfies those needs, you're willing to make financial sacrifices.

Whatever you choose, you work at a steady pace. And unlike other signs, you aren't constantly trying to elbow your way into the spotlight. Naturally, people come to rely on you. And yes, it sometimes feels as though you're doing more than your share of the work for less than your share of the recognition. That's one of the drawbacks of being an earth sign.

Working with the Bull is easier if you accept the fact that he knows what he wants and he's unlikely to change. He values productivity, follow-through, loyalty, and the ability to stay cool. As for those brilliant ideas you have about how to shake things up, keep them to yourself. They will only make him distrust your judgment.

Classic Taureans ii Stevie Wonder, Cate Blanchett (Moon in Aries)

i Katharine Hepburn, Kelly Clarkson (Moon in Taurus)

i Sigmund Freud, Fred Astaire (Moon in Gemini)

i Benjamin Spock, Ulysses S. Grant (Moon in Cancer)

i Barbra Streisand, Renee Zellweger, James Brown (Moon in Leo)

i Michelle Pfeiffer, Jay Leno, Jack Nicholson, Shirley MacLaine (Moon in Virgo)

ii Billy Joel, Rosario Dawson (Moon in Libra)

i Bono, Harry S. Truman (Moon in Scorpio)

i Frank Capra, Al Pacino, Sue Grafton (Moon in Sagittarius)

i Cher, George Clooney (Moon in Capricorn)

i Charlotte Bronte, Uma Thurman, David Beckham, George Lucas (Moon in Aquarius)

i Audrey Hepburn, Jerry Seinfeld, Leonardo da Vinci (Moon in Pisces)

Taurus: The Basic Facts

Polarity: Negative Quality: Fixed Element: Earth Symbol: The Bull Ruling Planet: Venus Opposing Sign: Scorpio

Favorable Colors: Greens and browns

Lucky Gem: Emerald

Parts of the Body: Neck and throat

Metal: Copper

Key Phrase: I build

Major Traits: Productive, obstinate

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