Why would anyone want to follow the beaten path? Striking out for terra incognita is much more entertaining. If you can create your own schedule, you're even better off. Late-night hours don't scare you; mind-numbing tasks and banal co-workers (a curse of your life) do. What matters most is that your job is future-oriented and focused on change. That's where you find the most personal satisfaction. Fields that are a fit for Aquarius include social work, politics, technology, science (and medicine in particular), academia, environmentalism, civil rights, and anything that pushes the boundaries in a progressive direction. Politicians like Abraham Lincoln, thinkers like Charles Darwin, inventors like Thomas Edison, and TV personalities like Oprah Winfrey demonstrate the impact that your sign can make. Innovative Aquarius sees the future before anyone else and knows how to react to it. Technology, by the way, is oxygen to your soul. Even if you think you don't like modern technology — maybe you're an aficionado of vinyl or a collector of portable typewriters — you still benefit from it.

If you work with or for an Aquarian, be prepared to argue your viewpoint effectively and to do your job without prodding. Aquarius wants independence and is glad to grant the same privilege to you — assuming you don't take advantage. Don't force a showdown.

Aquarius: The Basic Facts

Polarity: Positive

Quality: Fixed Element: Air

Symbol: The Water Bearer Ruling Planet: Uranus Opposite Sign: Leo

Favorable Colors: Electric blue and glow-in-the-dark shades

Lucky Gem: Amethyst

Parts of the Body: Ankles, circulatory system

Metal: Aluminum

Key Phrase: I know

Major Traits: Progressive, rebellious

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