For Libra, life would be much more pleasant without the irksome necessity of work. Because your aesthetic sense is directly related to your mood, it's imperative that your workspace be clean and airy with plenty of opportunities for face-to-face socializing. Finding an environment that supports you both intellectually and socially is equally important. You aren't enormously ambitious, perhaps because you underrate yourself. Money is seldom your chief motivation, but you know what you're worth, and you're confident enough to ask for the recognition you deserve. Still, the day-to-day quality of your work is what matters most.

Ideal fields include all aspects of the arts, including the visual arts, theater, and music. Cultural organizations are natural spots for you. You can also express your artistic talents in fashion, graphic design, interior decoration, architecture, photography, cinema, and related fields. Other areas for which you are equally well suited include diplomacy, mediation and negotiation, the law (Libra makes a fine judge), and anything that requires making contact with the public.

Classic Librans i E. E. Cummings, Anne Rice (Moon in Aries)

i Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Fisher (Moon in Taurus)

i Gwyneth Paltrow, T. S. Eliot (Moon in Gemini)

i Paul Simon, Gwen Stefani (Moon in Cancer)

i Mahatma Gandhi, Oscar Wilde (Moon in Leo)

i Serena Williams, Pancho Villa (Moon in Virgo)

^ Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, Kate Winslet (Moon in Libra)

^ Will Smith, William Rehnquist (Moon in Scorpio)

^ Friedrich Nietzsche, Christopher Reeve (Moon in Sagittarius)

^ Susan Sarandon, Matt Damon, Jesse Jackson (Moon in Capricorn)

^ John Lennon, Annie Leibovitz, Eminem (Moon in Aquarius)

^ Eugene O'Neill, Chuck Berry, Catherine Zeta-Jones (Moon in Pisces)

If you work with or for a Libra, you have the opportunity to observe the power of reason close up. Libra respects rational decision-making and analysis. Gifted with poise and intelligence, Libra tries to be fair and expects you to share in the spirit of compromise. It's true that Libran decision-making can be a lengthy process. Libra values your input. But after a decision has been reached, Libra moves with dispatch. Two pieces of advice: Present your ideas calmly and logically. And look your best. Libra may pretend that appearance doesn't matter. But others know better than to believe it.

Libra: The Basic Facts

Polarity: Positive Quality: Cardinal Element: Air Symbol: The Scales Ruling Planet: Venus Opposite Sign: Aries

Favorable Colors: Blues and pastels

Lucky Gems: Sapphire, jade, and opal

Parts of the Body: Kidneys and skin

Metal: Copper

Key Phrase: I balance

Major Traits: Cosmopolitan, indecisive

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