Because Leos enjoy basking in the limelight, people occasionally assume that you aren't hard-working. This judgment couldn't be further from the truth. Leos are hugely ambitious and somewhat opportunistic. You're resourceful and productive, a skilled organizer with a sharp business sense. Many Leos speculate with abandon. You seek recognition more than most, fantasize about fame, and are willing to work at maximum intensity. If you're at the top of the heap, even in a tiny, home-based business, you feel powerful and magnanimous. You happily make room for others, both as partners and as employees, and you're not afraid to get your hands dirty or to share a pizza with the part-time staff.

But no matter how gratifying your job may be in other respects, you can't exist without a little razzle-dazzle. Ideal careers are musician (Madonna), actor (Halle Berry), clothing designer (Coco Chanel), politician (Bill Clinton, Barack Obama), and anything that's likely to put you in front of a group of people. Fifth-grade teacher? Fine. Lawyer? Sure, especially if you can strut your stuff in court. President of anything? Absolutely. Star of screen and stage? Now you're talking.

If you work for a Leo, be prepared to work intensely (except when your boss is in the mood to talk), to shower him or her with respect and compliments, and to step politely aside whenever the spotlight is turned on. Your allegiance and your skill will be privately recognized — and rewarded. Leo is warm and generous. But remember, Leo rules. The term of art here is "benevolent despot."

Leo: The Basic Facts

Polarity: Positive Quality: Fixed Element: Fire Symbol: The Lion Ruling Planet: The Sun Opposite Sign: Aquarius

Favorable Colors: Gold and orange

Lucky Gem: Ruby

Parts of the Body: Heart and spine

Metal: Gold

Key Phrase: I will

Major Traits: Extroverted, demanding

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