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If you're anything like me, you may discover that knowing the rudiments of transits can fill you with fear. Sooner or later, you'll notice a troublesome transit approaching and you'll start to panic as worst-case scenarios haunt your imagination. Weeks or months later, you may be surprised to realize that not one of the disasters has occurred. Major events, whether positive or negative, require a confluence of influences, which is why the longer you follow the transits, the more restrained you're likely to become in your predictions.

The rules of transit interpretation are simple:

i If the configurations in your birth chart don't make a certain event possible, it won't happen, no matter what the transits. Unpredictable Uranus dancing through your second house of finances cheek to cheek with bountiful Jupiter brings a lottery bonanza if and only if your birth chart is littered with aspects for making easy money. The predisposition has to be there.

i Even with a birth predisposition, a single transit seldom correlates with a life-altering event. Those dramatic situations arise from a collection of influences, all pointing in a similar direction.

i Any transit has several possible interpretations. Nothing is predestined. But the energy of the transit must be expressed. The way that occurs depends on circumstances and on the choices you make.

Here's a case where foreseeing catastrophe would have been so easy — and so wrong. Imagine a person whose Sun, Ascendant, and several planets are being pummeled not only by Saturn but also by Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Even individually, those distant worlds have been known to make astrologers twitch. When they all act up at once, it's hard not to get nervous.

So I wonder what I would have said in 1993 if Toni Morrison, whose chart is reproduced in Figure 16-4, had asked me for a consultation. Her birth chart is in the interior part of the wheel. The transiting planets are in the outer part.

Looking at that chart, I would have noticed that Saturn, the planet of lessons, was transiting back and forth over her Sun (and had twice made an exact conjunction with it earlier that year); that Uranus and Neptune, traveling in tandem in the ninth house, were conjunct her Saturn and opposed to her natal Pluto; and that transiting Pluto had been dueling with her Ascendant for about a year and was approaching an exact opposition.

Observing all of this, I might have uttered cheerful words about transformation (Pluto) and responsibility (Saturn). I certainly would have told her that Saturn transiting through the tenth house often correlates with professional success. But secretly, I would have been worried. Like a lot of people, I find it easy to imagine catastrophe.

Figure 16-4:

Toni Morrison's natal chart.

Her birth chart is on the inner part of the wheel. The planets scattered around the outer rim represent the transits for 1993.


S \24


/ ® / /A/


/X 09

t5 04 09

Toni Morrison*

February 18, 1931 Lorain, OH 11:00 a.m.

V kT

h 19

Toni Morrison*

February 18, 1931 Lorain, OH 11:00 a.m.

54 19

5 IT0

I 34




03 Q io

So what actually happened to Toni Morrison in 1993? She won the Nobel Prize for Literature. And sure enough, with Saturn in her Sun sign, she had indeed reaped what she had sown.

The most self-destructive mistake you can make as an astrologer is to allow your knowledge of transits to become a source of anxiety. Take it from me: Most of the terrifying things that astrologers agonize over never come to pass. Don't waste your time worrying about them.

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