Virgo in Love

You're understanding, easy to talk to, and far sexier than your virginal symbol suggests. But your idealistic standards are impossibly high, and mere mortals have trouble making the cut. When someone does prove worthy, you're warm, worshipful, devoted, and helpful. Unfortunately, you often have to learn the hard way that well-meaning suggestions and advice, no matter how gently delivered, pack a terrible punch.

1 Virgo + Virgo: Your minds work in similar ways. Assuming your perfectionist compulsions can coexist, this is a happy, healthy union.

1 Virgo + Libra: Analytical Virgo and thoughtful Libra connect mentally. But efficient, industrious Virgo aims for perfection, while ever-so-slightly lazy Libra needs more down time and yearns for romance even when there's laundry to be done. As always with neighboring signs, look for planets in the other person's sign. Example: Jada Pinkett Smith (Virgo with Venus in Libra) and Will Smith (Libra with Mars in Virgo).

1 Virgo + Scorpio: This is an admirable match. Virgo is earthy enough to satisfy Scorpio's lustier moments, while Scorpio, a skilled detective who loves to dig into the meanings of things, can meet Virgo on his or her own intellectual ground. Example: Mary Matalin (Virgo) and James Carville (Scorpio).

1 Virgo + Sagittarius: A sizzling, erotic charge runs between you, and you connect mentally. But extravagant Sagittarius likes to talk big and deal with the small stuff later (if at all), while prudent Virgo prefers to keep it real and attend to the details. After the initial fascination fades, the differences may be too great to overcome, as is often the case with two signs that square each other.

1 Virgo + Capricorn: Two signs of the same element understand each other. You have great rapport, no effort required. You're both practical, methodical, accomplished, and ardent. This match is an excellent bet for a durable and congenial relationship.

1 Virgo + Aquarius: Virgo's unique, well-stocked mind excites brilliant Aquarius, whose rebellious ways help virtuous Virgo loosen up. You have fun together, and you click intellectually. But neither of you is at home in the gooey realm of emotions, meaning that when problems come up in that sphere, you both feel ill at ease.

i Virgo + Pisces: You fascinate each other because you're polar opposites. Virgo needs order, schedules, and reasons. Intuitive Pisces reacts instinctively and has a deep and abiding attraction to chaos. Naturally, Virgo wins the arguments. But easygoing Pisces has ways of not going along at all. It's a contest of equals: Anal-compulsive meets passive-aggressive.

To entice a Virgo, admire his intelligence; bring articles; engage in word play; and flatter his astute mind. Between the sheets, Virgo can be absolutely redhot, but Virgo is also a control freak — as uptight as they come. So avoid messy emotions. In fact, avoid messes of all kinds. And remember: Virgo is always concerned about appropriate behavior and proper appearance, so no affection in public, please.

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