Venus Uranus

If amorous Venus and unconventional Uranus link up in your birth chart, you're likely to be the impetuous star of your own romantic soap opera.

1 Conjunction: This is the lightning-bolt aspect, the one that brings an excitable personality, love at first sight, and a dramatic, often unstable love life. Like Elizabeth Taylor (married eight times) or Warren Beatty (married for the first time at age 55 after decades as Hollywood's number one playboy), you want instant attraction and fireworks all the way.

1 Harmonious aspects: In friendship as in romance, you're drawn to people who are exciting and offbeat. You're original, artistically talented, and lucky in love. Plus, you have the enviable (but entirely unpredictable) ability to attract windfalls of cash.

1 Hard aspects: Looking for a reliable relationship with an "appropriate" person? I doubt it. You seek the thrill of the forbidden. Out-of-the-blue love is part of your story; sudden betrayal may be another. Among the people in my files with a hard aspect between Venus and Uranus, I find one who had an affair with her sister's spouse, one who ran off with her best friend's husband, one who married her first cousin, and several who defied expectation by marrying someone of another race or nationality.

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