Venus Saturn

Restrictive Saturn inhibits affectionate Venus. This aspect grounds and strengthens your feelings — but also brings suffering and delays in love.

l Conjunction: Emotionally inhibited and afraid of being hurt, you take yourself too seriously to treat romance in a lighthearted way. You're most comfortable in a relationship with someone older or more established than yourself. Some people with this aspect make love a kind of obsessive pursuit. Whether you do that or not, love is an issue for you. This aspect also enhances creativity by helping you focus (the influence of Saturn) your artistic talents (given by Venus).

l Harmonious aspects: Both emotionally and financially, you value security over excitement. Responsible and loyal, you seek a solid, enduring relationship — and a well-stocked financial portfolio.

l Hard aspects: Romance can be a struggle. Defensive and afraid of rejection, you may hide behind a wall of your own creation. Even when you find a fulfilling relationship (and plenty of people with this aspect are happily married), you may feel isolated and may attempt to fill that void by taking on additional responsibilities. Something similar happens with money. In both cases, fear of loss is a motivating factor.

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