Venus Neptune

Venus lives for romance and beauty. Glamorous Neptune encourages mystery, magic, and spiritual feelings. When they're in sync, you can walk on air, but even the conjunction can bring you back down to earth in a hurry.

1 Conjunction: Your compassion and vivid imagination can make you an inspired artist, but they can also get you into trouble, especially in romance, because you unconsciously let your desire for love (or enlightenment) cloud your vision. You're a romantic, an idealist, and a spiritual seeker. Your ideal mate shares those inclinations.

1 Harmonious aspects: You can be sympathetic, gentle, mystical, musical, refined, and creative. You're also prone to laziness and self-indulgence.

1 Hard aspects: Illusion enters your life in a positive way through art, music, and film. You're also prone to starry-eyed infatuation. Being realistic about romance isn't your strength. You fall for Heathcliff every time.

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