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A helpful way to stay in sync with the Moon is to track its journey through the zodiac. To do this, use the Moon table in the Appendix, which tells you exactly when the Moon changes sign for every year from 1930 to 2012. Or get an astrological calendar. Personally, I wouldn't be without one.

Although the Appendix has the minimum amount of information you need to follow the Moon through the signs, astrological calendars contain a great deal more. Two of the best are Llewellyn's Daily Planetary Guide and Jim Maynard's Celestial Guide or Celestial Influences Calendars. These calendars, both of which are available in a variety of sizes, also tell you the phases of the Moon, the aspects it forms with other planets, the timing of eclipses, and the exact moment when the Moon enters each sign of the zodiac. If you can't find these calendars in your favorite bookstore, visit The Astrology Center of America at to order them.

Knowing the location of the Moon is a lot of fun. Over the years, I've found that I enjoy certain lunar placements more than others. As a writer, I love Moon in Gemini. I always hope to accomplish a lot on those few days — even though experience has shown me that Moon in Gemini pulls in out-of-town visitors and unavoidable engagements more than any other sign and sets the phone to ringing in a way that seems beyond my control. Nonetheless, when I do sit at my desk on those days, the words pour out.

Getting advice from the Internet

A perceptive monthly or weekly horoscope can help you align yourself with the cosmos. Here are two of my favorites:

I Susan Miller's Astrology Zone: Her monthly forecasts, available at www.astrology, are warm, motivating, deeply informed, and amazingly specific. She discusses New Moons and Full Moons and is especially savvy about eclipses. You can't go wrong.

I Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology Newsletter: He doesn't talk about the planets or use astrological jargon. He tells stories — parables — and they don't always hit the spot. When they do, they reverberate in the mind for days. Check him out at www.


I love Moon in Virgo, too: It's ideal for taking care of business — and cleaning the house. I'm not the most efficient person on the planet, but you'd never know it on these days.

Watching the Moon as you go about your everyday activities casts them in an interesting light. But I want to emphasize the importance of doing this in a casual, nonobsessive way. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting so involved with the heavens that you lose sight of events right here on Earth.

That said, here's how to make the most of the Moon's journey through each sign:

I Moon in Aries: Be bold. Assert yourself, start short-term projects, do anything that requires a blast of energy and a spark of courage. Watch out for temper tantrums.

I Moon in Taurus: Be practical. Begin long-term projects, garden, pay your bills. Concentrate on jobs that call for patience. Listen to your body. Take a walk in the woods.

I Moon in Gemini: Converse, read, write in your journal, take pictures. Buy books, magazines, and stationery. Run errands, take short trips, change your mind.

I Moon in Cancer: Stay home. Cook, redecorate, call your mother. Spend time with people you love. Shop for antiques. Walk on the beach. Go outside and gaze up at the stars.

I Moon in Leo: Let the good times roll. Be romantic, cavort with children, learn the tango, attend the theatre, throw a party, dare to approach highstatus people. Be confident.

ii Moon in Virgo: Take care of the mundane. Scrub the floor, visit the dentist, go to the vet, attend to the nitpicky details you otherwise avoid. This might not sound fun, but the Moon in Virgo is incredibly useful — and it comes around every month.

i Moon in Libra: Indulge yourself. Go to a concert or museum, do something artistic, have a beauty treatment, smooth over disagreements. Form a business partnership. Sign a peace treaty. Get married.

i Moon in Scorpio: Expect intense encounters. Have sex, see your therapist, read a mystery novel, file your taxes, pay your debts, get insurance, investigate anything.

i Moon in Sagittarius: Explore. Travel, attend a class, talk to a lawyer, pursue spiritual or philosophical interests, take a bike ride, go the gym, alter your routine.

i Moon in Capricorn: Be businesslike. Print out your résumé, prepare a contract, do tasks that involve corporations or other large organizations. Talk to an older person. Investigate the past. Do your duty.

i Moon in Aquarius: Socialize. Volunteer for a cause. Go online, buy software, get together with friends, see an independent film, visit a planetarium. Do something unusual.

i Moon in Pisces: Relax. Meditate, take a nap, space out, listen to music, go swimming, analyze your dreams. Have an intimate talk or a good cry.

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