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The position that Uranus occupies by house determines the area in life in which you can expect the unexpected.

i Uranus in the first house: You have an unusual demeanor, and you strike people as a true original. No matter how hard you try to look conventional, your attempts to pass for ordinary are doomed. From time to time, out-of-left-field events turn your world upside down.

i Uranus in the second house: Money and possessions come and go, arriving and departing with equal speed. You may strike oil, or you may go bankrupt. Your values can undergo a sudden turnaround.

i Uranus in the third house: You have an innovative mind and a clever way of expressing yourself. You could be a brilliant thinker or writer — or you could be a nut. You have unusual siblings, but your relationships with them have their ups and downs. Upsets can occur while traveling.

i Uranus in the fourth house: You come from or create an unconventional family. An erratic relationship with one of your parents (your mother, most likely) has a strong impact on you. You find it hard to settle down, and when you do, you set up housekeeping in a thoroughly individual way. Professional changes affect your domestic life.

i Uranus in the fifth house: You have a wild creative streak and an unpredictable love life. You're prone to love at first sight, preferably with rebellious types. But sudden breakups are also part of the picture. Your children may be remarkable people, though you may feel that they hamper your freedom.

i Uranus in the sixth house: You don't mind working, but you oppose the concept of nine-to-five. You manage to find unusual, even peculiar jobs. And even in your daily life, you do things in a unique way. Your nerves affect your health, and you benefit from unorthodox healing techniques.

i Uranus in the seventh house: You may marry an unconventional person, or you may create a free-wheeling relationship that acknowledges, in its radical format, your need for independence. You're liable to marry with lightning speed, but be careful — you could divorce the same way.

i Uranus in the eighth house: Your sex life has a remarkable, even outrageous, aspect to it, and the same is true for your finances (and those of your spouse). You benefit from unusual investment. You're also drawn to metaphysical subjects, including the idea of reincarnation. And though I hesitate to mention this, you may as well know: When it coexists with a rare pileup of especially tough aspects, this placement can indicate the possibility of sudden, accidental death — not necessarily your own. Should you worry? No. Keep in mind that literally one out of every twelve people has this placement. For further information, see the nearby "Violent death and Princess Diana" sidebar.

1 Uranus in the ninth house: Unusual experiences come to you through travel, education, and the law. You're interested in religion but not in a conventional way, and your philosophy of life is your own invention.

1 Uranus in the tenth house: You insist on maintaining your independence, especially regarding your career. (Fulfilling areas include — but are not limited to — social activism, computer technology, astrology, and science.) You have an original viewpoint, and professional opportunities arrive out of nowhere. Too rebellious to work in a strongly hierarchical organization, you're a natural entrepreneur or freelancer.

1 Uranus in the eleventh house: You're a tolerant person with unusual aspirations and many highly intelligent, erratic friends who motivate you to achieve. People enter your life on a moment's notice, especially when you're involved with a cause, but you can lose contact with them just as quickly. Your many diverse friends reflect your widely scattered interests.

1 Uranus in the twelfth house: You're a freedom-lover who requires independence and rebels against constraints. Unusual forms of spirituality attract you. You express your deepest individuality in solitude. Flashes of intuition and insight come from your core. Learn to pay attention to them.

Violent death and Princess Diana

Reading old-fashioned astrology books can be terrifying. They're filled with scary-sounding predictions of poverty, illness, and even death. These old books can be particularly nerve-wracking if you have a placement such as Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, or Mars, the planet of violence, in the eighth house of death and regeneration. It sounds bad. The truth is that many indicators are required for something as serious as violent death. Not even the presence of both Uranus and Mars in the eighth house promises such a tragedy. For that, you'd need truly horrific aspects — like those of Princess Diana, a sensitive Cancerian with the Moon in Aquarius.

Not only was Diana's eighth house home to both Uranus and Mars, it also held Pluto, the planet of transformation. In addition, Uranus formed a high-stress T-square pattern with the Moon and

Venus, the planets that ruled her love life. (For a discussion of the T-square, see Chapter 14.) This is an unusually bad combination of aspects. Her chart clearly held the potential of a life-threatening accident involving a lover. In addition, at the time of her death, the position of the outer planets in the sky heightened the perils that were lying in wait in her birth chart.

But did she have to die that day, right before an eclipse? Some astrologers contend that you can't escape your fate. Others, myself among them, believe that every influence has many possible expressions. Certainly Diana's chart was under enormous stress at the time of her fatal car crash. Even in retrospect, we can't know whether Diana could have avoided this terrible accident. This much is certain, though: Taking precautions — and fastening her safety belt — couldn't have hurt.

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