Unpredictable Uranus

When Uranus rides into town, life gets interesting. As the planet of revolution, invention, electricity, individuality, and eccentricity, Uranus disrupts the usual flow of events and is associated with unforeseen occurrences and unusual people. Uranus takes 84 years — about a lifetime — to traverse the zodiac. (Turn to Chapter 10 for more information about the outer planets.)

i Uranus conjunct the Sun: You're in a holding pattern, but you aren't going to be there long. Your need to express your individuality propels you toward once-in-a-lifetime change. If you're on track, this transit shouldn't be traumatic. But if you're drifting, stuck, or otherwise off your path, this transit augurs disruptive change — one way or another. If you don't initiate alterations on your own, you can expect it to arrive unbidden from external sources. Act now.

i Uranus opposite the Sun: This disruptive transit supports innovative thinking and ushers in a creative, explosive era of change and instability. Digging in your heels against it won't work. Flexibility is required.

i Uranus conjunct the Moon: Intuitive flashes bring insight during this moody, unstable transit. Look for emotional storms, shifts in family dynamics, or a sudden urge for independence.

i Uranus opposite the Moon: Feelings of restriction and a need to break from the past make this a time of emotional fluctuations and revolutionary changes.

i Uranus conjunct Mercury: Though you may feel overscheduled and frantic, rigid thinking holds you back. Fresh insights and facts compel you to abolish tired ideas and patterns of communication. Uranus triggers your ability to think in an original way. Carry a notebook.

i Uranus opposite Mercury: You're mentally active and physically nervous, and you may have trouble sleeping. Tackling your problems in the same old way leads to the same old result. Willingly or not, you must try a new approach.

i Uranus conjunct Venus: If the sizzle has gone out of a relationship you value, you can no longer be passive about it. Reinvigorate it or look elsewhere. If you're alone, you could meet someone new in an unexpected way, and that person won't be like anyone else you know. Relationships that carry a hint of unpredictability appeal to you. Boring old alliances, no matter how worthy or rooted in history, don't.

i Uranus opposite Venus: In your desire to escape boredom, you — or your partner — may be tempted by a relationship that seems to offer greater pizazz. But will this new union last? I wouldn't bet on it.

i Uranus conjunct Mars: You're restless, anxious for change, and ready to take the initiative: that's the positive part. You're also angrier than usual and likely to act rashly and make impulsive decisions. Plus, you're accident-prone.

i Uranus opposite Mars: Something needs to change during this volatile period, but your actions may be erratic because you aren't sure what you want. Controlling your animosity and competitive feelings can be tricky, and you may provoke the opposition of others. Yet those outer influences may provide just the kick you need.

1 Uranus conjunct Jupiter: Rare opportunities and startling changes in circumstances mark this conjunction. In one chart from my files, this transit coincided with the loss of a family member and an unplanned pregnancy. In another case, it brought a disruptive but positive crosscountry move. In a third instance, a woman rocketed to professional prominence when Uranus conjoined her tenth-house Jupiter — and plunged to Earth a year later when Saturn contacted her Sun and she received the dreaded pink slip.

1 Uranus opposite Jupiter: A need for independence and an urge to take a risk characterize this unruly influence. Fresh possibilities may tantalize (or frustrate) you. In your desire to lead a bigger life, you make some astonishing choices. Surprise your friends by all means — but don't let your optimism (or grandiosity) run away with your common sense.

1 Uranus conjunct Saturn: You feel boxed in and tense and no longer able to tolerate the constraints you put on yourself. Uranus acts as a catalyst, forcing you to shed old fears, limitations, and even jobs in search of a less confining sense of self.

1 Uranus opposite Saturn: You feel uneasy and anxious. Old habits die, and outworn patterns crumble under the onslaught of forces beyond your control.

1 Uranus conjunct natal Uranus: The Uranus return occurs when you're 84 years old. It symbolizes a complete cycle of individuality and can stimulate you to seek a new expression of your most essential self.

1 Uranus opposite natal Uranus: This unsettling, anxiety-provoking, midlife-crisis transit, which happens around age 42, encourages you to take risks and boosts your desire to rebel against the status quo.

1 Uranus conjunct Neptune: If you were born in the early 1990s, you may have undergone this perplexing, sensitizing transit as a child. (Episodes of psychic awareness may be traced to this influence.) However, if you're old enough to remember 1993 (Hint: President Bill Clinton was inaugurated), you won't experience this transit in your lifetime.

1 Uranus opposite Neptune: If you're feeling the effects of this transit, you're probably in your 70s. The advantage of aging, aside from getting into the movies at a discount, is that you worry less about what other people think and more about what matters to you. Amazing dreams, modern music, and nontraditional spiritual pursuits have a surprising appeal. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes.

1 Uranus conjunct Pluto: This heavy-duty transit can bring transitions that are unforeseen and momentous. However, unless you're over 100 years old, you aren't going to experience it.

1 Uranus opposite Pluto: Old patterns and obsessions fall by the wayside with this transit, especially if Pluto is prominent in your horoscope.

i Uranus conjunct the Ascendant: Altering your appearance, acting in an abrupt or unpredictable manner, and emphasizing your greatest eccentricities are methods of expressing your insistent need for personal freedom. This transit can also coincide with unexpected recognition.

i Uranus opposite the Ascendant: Whether you initiate these changes or someone else does, unexpected shake-ups in relationships clear the way for greater freedom and individuality. The people who attract you now are markedly different from your usual type.

i Uranus conjunct the Midheaven: Career upheavals can open a dramatic chapter in your life if you have the courage to respond. When an unusual opportunity presents itself, grab it. Don't let unresolved feelings of inferiority keep you from fulfilling your destiny.

i Uranus opposite the Midheaven: Unexpected events and challenges can turn your domestic life upside down and alter your social status or professional relationships. A sudden move isn't impossible.

Uranus, the planet of upheaval, brings unexpected changes and can be associated with chaos and disorientation, as well as liberation.

Magical, mysterious Neptune is befuddling and inspiring. It dissolves boundaries, spawns illusions, encourages compassion, and stimulates the imagination. Unlike Uranus, Neptune's influence can be difficult to detect, because it comes wrapped in a haze of confusion. When something's happening but you don't know what it is, look to Neptune, which takes about 164 years to travel through the zodiac. The Appendix presents its itinerary.

i Neptune conjunct the Sun: Self-pity, moodiness, and a diminished sense of self-esteem are the downsides of this lengthy transit. It can also fortify your idealism, compassion, vision, and psychic sensitivity.

i Neptune opposite the Sun: Your ability to deceive yourself (or to allow yourself to be deceived) is at a peak during this vaguely mystifying transit. Though your confidence may waver, sometimes wandering in the wilderness is all you can do. You're looking for a more compassionate sense of self.

i Neptune conjunct the Moon: You're empathetic, forgiving, and highly attuned to the emotional environment around you, be it positive or negative. To defend yourself against illusion, set limits and pay close attention to your intuition.

i Neptune opposite the Moon: Emotional uncertainty, the urge to escape, and unfamiliar obsessions may afflict you. You're easily deluded, so be cautious about falling in love or devoting yourself to a spiritual advisor with an answer for everything. Don't let others erode your trust in yourself.

i Neptune conjunct Mercury: If you're a poet, artist, or musician, you're going to love this transit. But be prepared: The imaginative boost occurs at the expense of the ordinary things you count on Mercury for — like making intelligent decisions or remembering to pay your bills.

i Neptune opposite Mercury: Think you're communicating clearly? Think you've come up with a foolproof plan to eradicate war, hunger, or terrorism? Think again. Neptune stimulates your artistic impulses, but it also foments an atmosphere in which misguided thinking can thrive.

i Neptune conjunct Venus: You're acutely sensitive and primed to fall in love. But does the object of your devotion return your affection? Is the relationship as perfect as you imagine? Remember, please, that Neptune is the planet of delusion. Similarly, if you tumble into the trap of self-pity and become convinced that you'll always be alone, dismiss that feeling and put your trust in art, music, poetry, and the universe.

i Neptune opposite Venus: You feel riled up, especially (but not solely) about your love life. Romantic visions dance in your head, yet you're unwilling or unable to fulfill those dreams. This transit, like the conjunction of Neptune and Venus, stimulates wishful thinking in a big way.

i Neptune conjunct Mars: If you're angry or envious, or you're wasting your abilities, you dissipate your energy. By acting intuitively and marshalling your talents, you lay the groundwork for success. Pay attention to coincidence and luck, whether good or bad. The outer world mirrors your inner reality and tells you whether you're on the right path.

i Neptune opposite Mars: Confused about what you want? Observe yourself as your suppressed desires rise into awareness and express themselves in your actions. And watch, too, when you respond negatively to other people. Those reactions reflect your shadow, the dark side of your personality.

i Neptune conjunct Jupiter: You fantasize about a multitude of possibilities. And so, without even realizing it, you open yourself up to new experiences. Your idealism, compassion, and faith in life grow.

i Neptune opposite Jupiter: You're sympathetic, idealistic, and open to experience — but you're out of touch with reality. Don't buy that bridge.

i Neptune conjunct Saturn: The rigid rules and regulations you live by aren't working anymore, and you need to update them with a more inspired, less fearful set of bylaws. Remind yourself that everyone who was born within a few months of you is experiencing this transit. And be sensible about money.

1 Neptune opposite Saturn: Old fears and blockages appear, and you have to face them squarely. This is a challenging but not necessarily negative time, for Neptune can dispel the limitations of the past.

1 Neptune conjunct Uranus: In the 21st century, this generational transit affects only the elderly. It's likely to produce altered states of consciousness, a vision of freedom, and an outbreak of eccentricity.

1 Neptune opposite Uranus: Vague dissatisfaction of the midlife-crisis kind afflicts you. If you've been in a rut, even if it's one you dug yourself, you may try to redefine yourself through exciting experiences.

1 Neptune conjunct natal Neptune: If you're experiencing this transit, you're too young (still an infant) or too ancient (164) to worry about it.

1 Neptune opposite natal Neptune: This transit happens at age 82, about two years before Uranus returns. It can coincide with increased confusion, but it can also strengthen your imagination and spiritual awareness.

1 Neptune conjunct Pluto: This conjunction isn't going to happen in your lifetime.

1 Neptune opposite Pluto: This transit exerts a subtle influence that increases awareness and encourages you to rethink various aspects of your life, including psychological issues you've tried to repress.

1 Neptune conjunct the Ascendant: Neptune dissolves the boundaries of the external personality, leaving you unfocused or lost in a reverie. Consciously or not, you may alter your image. At worst, you're self-destructive. At best, you're intuitive and creative. Art, music, film, dream analysis, and spiritual exploration are healthy outlets. And there's nothing wrong with daydreaming.

1 Neptune opposite the Ascendant: If you're in a satisfying relationship, the two of you develop a form of communication that's virtually clairvoyant. But if your relationship is shaky, secrecy and deception can bring the house down. Pay attention to nuance.

1 Neptune conjunct the Midheaven: The boundaries of your career are dissolving. Mysterious goings-on in the office may worry you and cause you to consider other career options. Satisfaction may come through spiritual matters, film, photography, music, art, oceanography, and anything that involves the healing professions. But beware, for you may also be subject to delusion, as often occurs with Neptune.

1 Neptune opposite the Midheaven: Confusion or dissatisfaction with your career, your parents, or your home life clouds your decision-making ability. To find purpose and resolution, listen to your inner voice. Or talk to your grandparents. As always with Neptune, help can be found through art, music, spiritual pursuits, and long walks on the beach.

Neptune dissolves boundaries, creates confusion, invites illusion, and sensitizes the imagination.

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