Tracking the Moon in the Houses

Tracking the Moon through the houses of your birth chart is another way to tap into its power. However, you can only do this if you know the time of your birth and have identified your rising sign or Ascendant. (For instructions on how to figure that out, see Chapter 11.)

Say, for example, that you have Leo rising — that is, Leo on the cusp of your first house. When the Moon is in that sign, it's traveling through your first house. Once it swings into Virgo, it enters your second house. And so on.

At any given moment, the Moon is in one sign of the zodiac and one house of your chart. If you want to get persnickety about it, you could figure out exactly when the Moon will hit the precise degree of each house cusp. But who has time for that? Not me. I suggest that you simply note the sign on the cusp of each house. When the Moon enters that sign, that's your cue to turn your attention to the matters of that house. For example:

1 Moon in the first house: Do something for yourself. Get a haircut or a manicure. Schedule an interview, a first date, or a presentation at work. Your visibility is high, so present yourself with flair. You'll make a positive impression.

i Moon in the second house: Greater security means greater peace of mind. Practical and financial matters demand your notice. Pay bills. Meet with a financial advisor. Have a yard sale. Make important purchases. And if you're involved with construction in any way, get to work.

i Moon in the third house: Feeling restless? Run some errands. Go to the library. Gather information. Make phone calls. Talk to the neighbors. Get together with brothers and sisters. Take a short trip. This position favors reading, writing, and anything having to do with school.

i Moon in the fourth house: Focus on home, family, parents, and the past.

i Moon in the fifth house: Romance, recreation, creative pursuits, and anything having to do with children are enhanced during these few days.

i Moon in the sixth house: The emphasis is on work, health, and the routines of daily life. Clear your desk. Organize your files. Catch up on everything you let slide. Also: Start a diet. Go to the gym. Get a checkup. Take care of yourself.

i Moon in the seventh house: If you're married, set your needs aside and focus on your mate. If you have a business partner or you deal with the public at large, put your attention there. This house is all about cooperation, but it also rules your adversaries. When the Moon is in the seventh house, other people are in control — like it or not.

i Moon in the eighth house: When the Moon is in the domain of sex, death, regeneration, and other people's money, you could have an affair, rob a bank, visit a mortuary, or just — you know — see your shrink, perhaps about your compulsive behaviors or feelings of dependency. Whatever you do, the emotional charge is likely to be intense. This is the house of transformation.

i Moon in the ninth house: Anything that involves publishing, education, religion, or the law moves forward now. It's all about expanding your vision. Traveling to faraway places definitely helps.

i Moon in the tenth house: The emphasis is on career, community affairs, and your public image. Send out your résumé. Give a speech. Be in the world.

i Moon in the eleventh house: See friends. Let them remind you of your most cherished aspirations. Or join a group. Whether it's the Audubon Society or the Democratic Party, you benefit from the association.

i Moon in the twelfth house: Retreat. Rejuvenate yourself with solitude and sleep. This is the house of the unconscious and of self-undoing. So heed your dreams — and don't do anything rash.

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