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In This Chapter

^ Discovering the transits

^ Tracking the cycles of the planets

^ Staying calm in the presence of a worrisome transit nce upon a time, astrology was the province of the privileged. Kings and pharaohs consulted astrologers, not because they were fascinated by the intricacies of personality but because they wanted to know when to wage war, when to stockpile grain, when to build a temple, and when to marry. They wanted to know, in short, how to lead their lives. Astrology provided some answers.

Today, anyone can take advantage of the wisdom astrology has to offer. You can glean some of that wisdom from your birth chart — and some of it from the current position of the planets. Transiting planets are the planets as they appear in the sky now. As they wheel across the zodiac, they trigger your birth planets, presenting you with challenges and opportunities. Transiting Saturn is conjunct your Moon? Be prepared to combat depression. Uranus is crossing your Midheaven? Get ready for an upheaval in your career. Every time a planet in the sky forms an aspect to a planet or an angle in your birth chart, it stirs up a different area of your psyche.

Sad to say, this book isn't long enough to consider every transit. I'm leaving out the transits through the houses. I ignore transiting squares (they're stressful) as well as sextiles and trines (they're helpful). And I entirely omit aspects made by transiting Venus, Mercury, and the Sun because they move so fast that their influence is fleeting. (The Moon whizzes through the signs at an even faster clip. But it's so close that it exerts an influence anyway, which is why I devote Chapter 17 to lunar transits.)

In this chapter, I focus on the slower-moving planets, beginning with Mars and ending with Pluto. I consider the conjunctions and oppositions that those planets make to your natal chart. And I try, as best I can, to highlight the possibilities that they open up for you. Transits don't change your natal chart. Like it or not, your birth chart is eternal. But they can help you achieve the potential contained within your horoscope. And that, as they say, is priceless.

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