The sunny side

Enthusiastic, inspiring, and exhilarating, Aries is a force of nature like no other. Blessed with boundless energy and a bold, appealing personality, you have a zest for life that other signs can only envy. You're intrepid, passionate, and courageous — a firebrand, glowing and full of flash. Unconventional and joyously individualistic, you display a robust sense of who you are and an eagerness to follow your own intuition. You have a sense of purpose and a distinct personal style, and you refuse to let others define you. Often a creature of extremes, you react quickly and make instantaneous decisions. You believe in action and proudly stand up for what you know is right, even if it conflicts with commonly held notions. Neither a joiner nor a follower, you're a natural-born leader because you have a clear, decisive mind combined with total faith in your own reactions and plans.

At your audacious best, you're untiring, ardent, and thoroughly original. You're an activist on your own behalf, and you have initiative. A risk-taker with a pioneering spirit, you have a deep need to prove yourself. So when a fresh idea or a groundbreaking mission captures your imagination, you rush in. Later on, if your interest falters or your hopes don't pan out, you move on, undaunted. Life is too short to waste on anything that fails to please you.

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