The sunny side

You're productive, responsible, competitive, and mature. You're an adult — even as a child. Indeed, Capricorn often has a tough time as a youngster because you're more serious than most people. You come into your own in adulthood, and you age beautifully. Although there may be occasional dips along the way, it's a well-recognized phenomenon that the older you get, the happier you become. It's the miracle of Capricorn.

You're ambitious. Like the mountain goat that clambers over rocky terrain to reach the summit, you have your eye on a distant peak — and you've figured out a strategy for getting there. Patient, industrious, and thrifty, you bravely weather any difficulties you encounter along the way. Society depends on Capricorn because you have the ability to step outside of yourself, to consider the needs of others, and to develop realistic strategies for fulfilling those needs. You're a natural leader.

Though you may panic internally during times of stress, externally you stay calm. Unlike other signs I can name (Sagittarius, say, or Pisces), you know how to apply self-discipline — and, unlike Virgo, you can do so without making a fetish of it. Your control is obvious in every cell of your body. You're cool, reserved, dignified, and authoritative. As an earth sign, you see what needs to be done and you act expeditiously. And though you often have trouble loosening up, you have that earth-sign sensuality to indulge in. You respond to timeless art, true love, and the pleasures of the kitchen, the bedroom, and the boardroom — up to and including a nice fat investment portfolio. Say what you will, money does provide security.

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