The sunny side

Forever young, they say. You're clever, inquisitive, gregarious, and cheerful — and it shows in your face. In your never-ending quest for stimulation, you habitually veer off in unexpected directions. Effervescent and up-to-date, you're invigorated by the latest toy, the hottest band, the most shocking news story, and the juiciest gossip (because really, isn't that how you learn the ways of the world?). You're clever and quick, excited by everything life has to offer. You pursue a multitude of interests and love to immerse yourself in new endeavors. When you enter a new world, you feel as if doors are swinging open and the possibilities before you are infinite.

But you're also impatient and easily bored. To fend off the threat of ennui, it reassures you to have two (or more) novels on your bedside table, two jobs (preferably part-time), two love affairs (or a main one and a backup), and at least two phones. You also maintain an ever-expanding legion of friends. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and nothing delights you more than discovering — or forging — connections between unexpected people or unrelated ideas. You're in constant motion, and you make a point of cultivating spontaneity, at least in theory. In reality, you sometimes load yourself down with so many activities that spontaneity becomes essentially impossible. You're forever squeezing in another meeting, another project, another errand, another friend. Inevitably, you end up doing a lot of juggling. Yet the truth is this: When you're overcommitted and ever-so-slightly frazzled, much as you might complain, you feel content and at home in the world.

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