The Sun the Moon and the Planets in the Houses

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In This Chapter

^ Thinking about the houses of your birth chart ^ Talking about the Sun and Moon in the houses ^ Considering the planets in the houses ^ Pondering the empty houses in your chart

Consider two babies born on July 6, 1935, one around 4 a.m. local time and one, in another part of the world, around 6 a.m. Their planets are in identical signs of the zodiac. But their rising signs (see Chapter 11) aren't the same, and neither are their house placements. How much difference would that make?

It would make a world of difference. One child, born with Gemini rising, Mercury on the Ascendant, and the Sun in the first house, is Candy Barr, the platinum-haired stripper who died in 2005. The other, born with Cancer rising, Pluto on the Ascendant, and the Sun in the twelfth house, is the Dalai Lama. This stark difference suggests how crucial the rising sign and house placements can be. They're as important as sign placements.

Unfortunately, it's easy to confuse the signs with the houses. One difference is that the signs, which are divisions of the ecliptic, represent various attitudes, styles, and approaches to life. The houses describe areas of interest such as money, children, health, partnership, travel, and education. In every horoscope, each planet is in a sign and a house. In this chapter, I discuss the twelve houses and offer interpretations for each planet in each house.

The planets represent types of energy, the signs represent various ways of expressing that energy, and the houses represent different areas of experience where those energies are likely to operate. House placements are based on the time of your birth, not on your sign. For instance, if you were born shortly

before dawn, your Sun is in the first house — no matter whether you were born in January or in June. To figure out your houses, get a copy of your chart online (check out Chapter 2 for details), or flip to Chapter 3 (which tells you how to set up your chart using the tables in this book). And I'm sorry to report that if you don't have a birth time that's at least fairly accurate (within an hour at the most), you may as well skip this chapter.

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