The Sun Sign Combinations

In This Chapter

^ Looking for love, sign by sign ^ Checking out your chances ^ Going beyond the Sun

J\ strology does not judge. All 12 signs are equally worthy. That's the offi-W • cial line. In reality, everyone has preferences. Peering out from within the confines of your own horoscope, you can't help feeling that some signs are easier to get along with than others. In this chapter, I talk about the Sun sign combinations — the ones that feel natural from day one, and the ones that make you crazy. "How do I love thee?" There are 78 ways — one for each pair of Sun signs.

In the pages that follow, I talk about each combination under the sign that comes first in the zodiac. If you're a fiery Aries and your beloved is a peace-loving Libra, turn to Aries for a description of the dynamics of your relationship. And if you're a sentimental Pisces involved with a workaholic Virgo, look up your relationship under that sign. Since Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, every relationship you have (except for one with a fellow fish) is classified under the other sign. It may not be fair. But that's the way it is.

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