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The Sun symbolizes your will, your purpose, and your most essential self. Its house position describes the area in which you can most effectively express those aspects of your being.

1 Sun in the first house: You're active, enterprising, and proud of your accomplishments. Your strong personality enables you to assert yourself in a natural, dignified way. This placement indicates leadership potential and success that comes about through your own efforts.

1 Sun in the second house: You're practical, persistent, interested in money, and skilled at judging the value of things. Your possessions reflect your deeper values. Achieving financial stability gives you great satisfaction.

i Sun in the third house: Curious and observant, you collect information and communicate with ease, both in speech and in writing. Travel and siblings play important roles in your life.

1 Sun in the fourth house: You're intuitive and introverted, with a strong sense of self, a close tie to your ancestors, and an interest in the past. Home and family are of primary importance. Finding your roots is essential to your sense of self.

1 Sun in the fifth house: Pleasure-seeking and dynamic, you find happiness through romance, children, and activities that give you the opportunity to express yourself in dramatic, creative ways.

1 Sun in the sixth house: Finding fulfilling work is essential because you devote yourself to your job and define yourself through it. Though you worry about your health, it's usually good. Regardless of your Sun sign, you tend to be a perfectionist.

1 Sun in the seventh house: Marriage and other partnerships are essential to your identity, though you may bounce back and forth between fear of isolation and fear of commitment. Balancing power is an issue in both personal and professional relationships.

1 Sun in the eighth house: You're a profoundly emotional person whose need to explore the mystery of your own psyche brings liberation and transformation. Sex, money, and legacies of all types play a major role in your life.

1 Sun in the ninth house: You're a lifelong seeker who looks to find meaning and to expand your awareness through education, religion, and travel. Everyone talks about having a philosophy of life. You really mean it.

1 Sun in the tenth house: Your determination to succeed and your desire for public recognition make you a born leader — and are excellent indicators of professional success.

i Sun in the eleventh house: You have high ideals and aspirations, many friends, a wide circle of acquaintances, and the ability to work well in a group. Indeed, becoming part of a group that expresses your most cherished values enables you to fulfill your deepest goals. Friends can be the most important people in your life.

i Sun in the twelfth house: Intuitive, reclusive, and secretive, you find nourishment in solitude and spiritual activity. You may also become involved in helping others, perhaps through large institutions, such as hospitals or prisons.

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