The sorry side

Like a child, you can be self-centered, inconsiderate, and intent on doing things your way. Your determination is often unbreakable. When you really want something, you can be combative, brash, and even ruthless in your efforts to get it. You're willing to take risks and you do a lot of rule breaking, a trait that doesn't always work to your benefit. Rather than bending to someone else's requirements, you prefer to simply obey your instincts. At times you exhibit a woeful lack of foresight, and you often lack diligence. Although your enthusiasms are many, you easily become restless and your initial interest soon fizzles. Your impatience is legendary. For that reason, you find greater satisfaction with short-term ventures than with lengthy ones.

Emotionally, you find it difficult to imagine how other people feel. You can strike people as insensitive, egocentric, and self-absorbed. And there's no avoiding the fact that you have a white-hot temper: It comes and goes in a flash, but when it appears, you're terrifying. You hold strong opinions, and you're not afraid to express them, no matter how impolitic (or impolite) they may be. You figure it this way: If expressing your views causes others discomfort, let them nurse their fragile sensibilities on their own. You have too much to do to sit around obsessing over hurt feelings, criticism, or the sorrows and injustices of the past.

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