The sorry side

As Eleanor Roosevelt, a classic Libran, once said, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." Well, no problem: You consent. Your amiable personality may conceal a festering dissatisfaction and a terrible struggle with emotional complexities. You have a deeply ingrained predisposition to worry, combined with — at your sorriest — a woeful lack of confidence. (If you have planets in Virgo, as many Librans do, you're undoubtedly your own harshest critic.) Anxious for the good opinion of others, you may try too hard to satisfy. And yet in other ways, you don't try hard enough. When you're down, you can be vague, dependent, self-indulgent, and withdrawn, and your refined sensibilities are so easily injured that it's sometimes laughable.

You can't bear squabbles — and yet you're more than capable of generating them. Like Librans Mahatma Gandhi, the prophet of nonviolence, and John Lennon, the antiwar rock star, you're more contentious than your reputation suggests.

And as much as you need balance, you have trouble maintaining it. Because you're a serious thinker, you can be indecisive to the point of paralysis, especially when you need to make a serious choice. Uncertainty undoes you. You wobble back and forth, balancing pros and cons. You compare and contrast. You work yourself up into a tizzy, becoming distant, argumentative, or obsessed. Making up your mind so that you can move forward can be your greatest challenge. In your search for peace, beauty, and equilibrium, you can wear yourself out. Your best approach is the Roman one: Moderation in all things.

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