The sorry side

Although your dedication is impressive, your leisurely pace can drive other people to distraction. You start slowly, tend to plod, and refuse to be rushed. You can be stodgy at an early age, and you can easily fall into a rut. Plus, you're incredibly stubborn. Your well-known tenacity is a positive trait when it means sticking up for moral principles (think of Coretta Scott King or Bono, the Taurus rock singer who was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize). Too often, though, it means refusing to change, no matter what the circumstances. I've seen Taureans cling to outmoded, self-destructive patterns for years just because they didn't want to risk trying a new approach or making amends. That's what being bull-headed can mean.

As long as we're discussing your negative traits, let me add that you can be greedy, status conscious, acquisitive, gluttonous, self-indulgent, and self-pitying. Normally, you're hard-working and persevering, but when you're down, you become apathetic. You can also be possessive, dependent, jealous, insensitive and, at your worst, a user. You don't intend to exploit other people. But — you know — things happen.

One more thing: Taurus, unlike Aries, doesn't get angry easily, for which the rest of the world is grateful. But when you do blow up . . . let's just say that some of the worst mass murderers and dictators in history — men like Hitler, Lenin, and Saddam Hussein — were born under the sign of the Bull.

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