The sorry side

At your out-to-lunch worst, you're gullible in the extreme, irrational, and so easily hurt that you're practically an open wound. Because the requirements of ordinary life can overwhelm you, you're prone to wishful thinking and outright fantasy, often combined with a sense of entitlement that boggles the mind. Indecisive and weak, you're readily deceived.

But that's not the most serious problem. More often, you delude yourself by simply refusing to accept reality. Your grasp of reality is tenuous at best, and you often refuse to accept even a little responsibility for your situation. Even when you're miserable, your passivity can bypass all reason. Instead of taking action when you're feeling trapped, you wait to be rescued, often sinking into a melancholy pattern of brooding and procrastination. (I've seen men do this as well as women, by the way.) Moreover, when your efforts come to nothing or your dreams are thwarted, you tend to be overcome by lethargy, self-pity, depression, guilt, or resentment. Sleep — too little or, more commonly, too much — can defeat your most heartfelt resolutions. And did I mention substance abuse? Let's just say that you're susceptible. More than most, you're your own worst enemy. And, more than most, you have the capacity to turn your circumstances (and your attitude) around.

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