The sorry side

A hostage to hyperactivity, you squander your resources because you can't resist the immediate gratification of conversing, cavorting with the cat, going online, or simply doing something else. If you could, you'd rather be in two places at once. Impatient and inconstant, you chatter too much, have a short span of attention, and too often, drop the ball simply through inattention. You're easily distracted and often find it difficult to concentrate — or even to sit still. In many ways, you're like a child. When you find something that excites you, you accelerate into overdrive. But you can exhaust your own enthusiasm by talking it into the ground. You don't hesitate to sing your own praises. And although you may not notice, your intense, narcissistic focus sometimes drains other people. Take my word for it: They aren't as fascinated as you think.

At your worst, you can be deceptive, superficial, and fickle — the living, breathing incarnation of hot air. Astrologers (and jilted lovers) often accuse you of being emotionally shallow. Actually, you experience real emotions — just not for long. When troubles come, you see no point in dwelling on them. Instead, you push your feelings aside and adapt to the changed circumstances — and you do it with stunning ease. A lover breaks up with you? Your supervisor locks your computer and escorts you to the Exit sign? No problem. You rewrite history, and pretty soon you're the one who walked. You'll deal with the repercussions down the road (if at all). Meanwhile, you may be a bundle of nerves, but you're busy writing a new chapter. Like Gemini Bob Dylan, you don't look back.

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