The Nodes of the Moon in the Houses

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Unlike the other celestial bodies I discuss in this chapter, the Nodes of the Moon don't exactly exist. They're simply the points in space where the path of the Moon crosses the ecliptic. Nonetheless, there they are in your chart: The North Node and the South Node, two sensitive spots carrying a message that some astrologers consider the most vital part of your horoscope.

Though astrologers have long debated the meaning of the Nodes, they basically agree that the North Node represents personal growth and illuminates the path to fulfillment, while the South Node symbolizes patterns established in previous lifetimes and thus represents the path of least resistance. To interpret the Nodes, consider their position by sign, by aspect, and most of all, by house.

i North Node in the first house/South Node in the seventh: You find fulfillment by expressing your personality. You stand still by surrendering your power to others and becoming too dependent (particularly on a spouse).

i North Node in the second house/South Node in the eighth: Pursuing financial security through your own efforts and in accordance with your core values brings fulfillment. Relying on others to take care of you, even through inheritance, brings disappointment, as do relationships that are entirely about sex.

i North Node in the third house/South Node in the ninth: Gathering information and using it for concrete purposes brings fulfillment; setting up a permanent residence in the airy realms of academia brings frustration. Teaching primary school, pursuing journalism, and getting involved in neighborhood activities bring benefits; philosophical and religious musings, though enjoyable, do not.

i North Node in the fourth house/South Node in the tenth: Look to family, tradition, and inner life for fulfillment. Don't expect it from the outside world. Though you may find success in a career, your greatest joy comes from getting in touch with your roots.

i North Node in the fifth house/South Node in the eleventh: Romance, children, and creative expression expand your awareness and bring fulfillment. Beware of pointless socializing — you lose your soul in the social whirl. Spiritually speaking, group activities lead nowhere.

il North Node in the sixth house/South Node in the twelfth: Satisfying work is essential to your personal development, as is a positive approach to health. Solitude and escapism limit you: Don't be a hermit.

i North Node in the seventh house/South Node in the first: Accepting the challenge of relationship and becoming an equal partner benefits you. Cooperation speeds your progress. Focusing on personal or selfish concerns slows you down.

I North Node in the eighth house/South Node in the second: You overemphasize the importance of money and material security. Instead, look for opportunities to collaborate and form intimate ties with others.

i North Node in the ninth house/South Node in the third: You tend to run around in a frenzy, gossiping and accumulating facts rather than ideas. Broaden your horizons by pursuing large ideas and philosophies. Higher education and world travel benefit you. Playing Sudoku doesn't. Don't get lost in trivial pursuits. Expand your mind.

i North Node in the tenth house/South Node in the fourth: Though it may scare you, you long for public recognition. Pursuing your career brings personal growth. Devoting yourself solely to home and family, though tempting, doesn't.

i North Node in the eleventh house/South Node in the fifth: Your tendency to focus on love affairs, personal pleasures, and children limits your development. Take a larger view. Align yourself with others in pursuit of a cause: Become political and develop a social conscience.

i North Node in the twelfth house/South Node in the sixth: Work comes your way and occasionally threatens to overwhelm you. Office politics sap your energy. Solitude, yoga, and the quest for spiritual transcendence strengthen you. Don't be a workaholic. And don't forget to meditate.

Mercury is the planet of communication. Its position by house suggests those areas in life that most absorb your mind and stimulate your thoughts.

I Mercury in the first house: You're a talker. You're on the ball, loquacious, and happy to share your views. You may be a gregarious storyteller, the sort of person who becomes the heart and soul of any dinner party. Even if you're not outgoing, you rise to the occasion when giving a speech. Your ability to communicate is one of your strengths, and it draws people to you.

I Mercury in the second house: You value results. By taking a systematic approach and thinking in practical terms, you can turn an idea to concrete advantage. You can also earn money by writing.

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